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What To Do When You Suffer A Personal Injury

Those that were not at fault but injured through the faults of another may often be entitled to compensation since the law entitles victims of personal injuries to recover damages and compensation for their injuries. Whether you are in a car or motorcycle accident, whether you experienced a slip and fall, dog bite or another type of personal injury, it is important to know your rights in the event of a related injury.

A personal injury victim may file a claim under certain circumstances. For a valid personal injury claim, there needs to be evidence of negligence of another person or entity. An attorney at Papcsy Janosov Roche will be able to assess whether or not a claim can be made if:

  • Resulting injury has led to pain and suffering and/or medical treatment
  • Loss of consortium if a family member or spouse is injured as a result of the negligence
  • Wrongful death occurs

Personal Injury Victims Should Obtain The Following Info:

General Information

  • Date
  • Time
  • Location of incident

Police Information

  • Accident report
  • Police officer’s name
  • Shield
  • Precinct

Witness Information

  • Name
  • Address
  • Telephone

Attorneys For Negligence-Related Personal Injuries

Since processing personal injury claims can be difficult, it is important to contact an experienced personal injury lawyer as soon as possible. At Papcsy Janosov Roche we can help sort through the process of proving fault and wrongdoing in order to claim compensation for pain and suffering, medical expenses, and loss of earnings. There are always experienced lawyers available to help you at Papcsy Janosov Roche.

Legal Help For Personal Injury Victims

Are you or a family member suffering from personal injuries resulting from negligence? The lawyers at Papcsy Janosov Roche can help you obtain justice and recover your rightful compensation. Contact a personal injury attorney at Papcsy Janosov Roche now at 877-835-4983 or simply fill out the Free Personal Injury Case Evaluation Form.

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