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When The Dog Bites And Injures

It is sad to say, but sometimes man’s best friend bites. While a nip or a growl is something to speak to the owner about, if a dog bites a child and causes puncture wounds or draws blood, it’s time to speak to an attorney.

At Papcsy Janosov Roche, we are experienced Connecticut personal injury attorneys. We understand what it takes to win a case. We offer a free case evaluation so that you can understand your options. Call 877-835-4983 and speak for free to a member of our team. Personal injury cases are taken on a contingency fee basis. That means you pay us nothing unless we take your case and win a settlement or verdict for you.

What To Do Immediately After A Dog Bite Or Attack

It is probably the most terrifying moment in any parent’s life, seeing their severely injured child and hearing their cries. If your child or any child is bitten or attacked by a dog or any other animal, take these steps:

  1. Call 911. If you are attending to your child, tell one person to call 911. Point to them if you have to, and say, “You! Call 911 now.”  Comfort your child and wash the wounds with soap and water right away.
  2. Find out who owns the dog or animal. Get their name, address and phone number. Tell them what happened. If the attack happened on their property, then the insurance company may be involved in the case. Get this information.
  3. Call animal control. This will create an official record of the attack. If the animal is a farm animal, then it may need to be tested for rabies or verified that it has had its vaccination.
  4. Collect any evidence. You can video record witnesses telling what happened in detail – how the dog or animal attacked your child. Be sure to get their contact information. Save your child’s clothing without cleaning or washing anything. Take pictures of your child’s injuries and anything that is related to how the attack happened, such as a broken leash or chain, a hole in the fence, etc.
  5. Once your child has been seen by medical professionals and you have caught your breath, call a personal injury attorney. The sooner the better.

At Papcsy Janosov Roche, we know that when a dog bites and injures someone, especially a child, it can be very emotionally distressing. With over three decades of experience in personal injury cases, we are here to help. Once we take your case, we will take care of everything so that you can focus on helping your child heal. We take cases involving injuries from mild to severe. We also represent families who have lost a loved one in an accident or attack.

We Will Pursue The Compensation You Deserve

Many people do not realize that a dog bite, especially to a person’s face, can mean several surgeries. There are many nerves and delicate tissue that can scar in the face. For these reasons, most surgeries of this type require a skilled plastic surgeon’s care. These can be very expensive. This is why it is crucial to speak to an established personal injury attorney right away. Call 877-835-4983 and speak with a member of our team in a free case evaluation. You can also reach us via website connection email, and we will get in touch with you.

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