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What Are The Different Levels Of Dog Bites?

On Behalf of | Aug 3, 2021 | Dog Bites |

Dog bites can be minor injuries that barely constitute a scrape, but they can also be serious injuries that require surgery and therapy to overcome. Indeed, there are different levels of dog bites that can result in different injuries. The level and severity of a dog bite can also determine what sort of legal action is acceptable in the aftermath of a bite. Keep in mind that all potential financial compensation for a dog bite is governed by state civil law. Connecticut, like all states, has its own laws when it comes to these incidents.

What are the different levels of dog bites?

There are varying levels of dog bites. Keep in mind that you may not be able to determine just how severe a dog bite is, and may need to rely on appropriate professionals to assist you in making this determination. As such, you should always hold onto any paperwork or records related to a dog bite.

The levels of dog bites include:

  • Level 1: Aggressive behavior, but no skin contact.
  • Level 2: Skin contact, but no actual puncture. Contact may be less than 1/10 of an inch and may have the slightest of bleeding. This is still an extremely very minor wound.
  • Level 3: A single bite, causing 1-4 punctures, that is no deeper than half the length of a dog’s teeth.
  • Level 4: Also a single bite that causes 1-4 punctures. The difference here is that the bite also causes deep bruising as a result of holding onto a victim’s skin. Lacerations caused by a dog shaking the victim while still clamped to their skin may also occur.
  • Level 5: A serious, multiple-bite incident that involves multiple levels of bites, or bites from multiple dogs.
  • Level 6: A bite or series of bites that results in the death of the victim.