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How can you maximize your compensatory recovery?

On Behalf of | Oct 16, 2023 | Motor Vehicle Accidents, Premises Liability, Slip-And-Falls |

You want to get as much compensation as you can out of your personal injury lawsuit. By doing so, you can secure the financial stability that you need while you focus on reclaiming your physical and mental health, and you can obtain the resources necessary to offset your lost wages and pay for your medical expenses. You might also be compensated for the pain and suffering, disfigurement, and loss of enjoyment of life that you experience.

But the judge or jury isn’t just going to automatically award you what you think you deserve. Instead, you’re going to have to fight for the outcome you want. In additional to aggressively presenting evidence to show the defendant’s liability, you’ll also want to put forth evidence that demonstrates the extent of your damages. But how can you maximize the amount of compensation that you recover from your personal injury case?

Tips for maximizing your personal injury recovery

If you want to max out your personal injury recovery, then you’ll need to be proactive in building your case. Here are some ways that you can do that:

  • Seek immediate medical treatment: To recover the compensation you deserve, you’ll have to create a record of the damages that you’ve suffered. That all starts with your initial visit to the hospital or doctor. So, make sure you’re seeking timely treatment for your injuries.
  • Follow your doctor’s recommendations: It’s going to take time for your accident injuries to heal, and you’re probably going to need some sort of ongoing medical treatment. But if you don’t follow your doctor’s recommendations, then you won’t create a record of your need for that additional treatment. That will prevent you from recovering compensation for those additional expenses.
  • Retain records related to your accident-related expenses: You might be able to increase your recovery if you can demonstrate all the expenses that you’ve incurred as a result of your accident. This includes your medical records, but even tracking receipts and invoices for medical equipment, medication, and things like transportation can be useful in your personal injury case.
  • Keep a journal: Your non-economic expenses, such as those tied to your pain and suffering, aren’t easily calculable. But keeping a journal where you detail how your accident has negatively impacted your daily life can paint a compelling picture for the judge and jury. This, in turn, can help you demonstrate your need for money to compensate the harm that’s been caused to you.
  • Defend against comparative fault: The defendant in your case is probably going to try to reduce their liability by arguing that you’re to blame for the accident. You can still recover compensation even if you’re partially at fault for the wreck, but only if you’re not more than 50% at fault. But even then, your recovery will be reduced by the amount of fault that’s attributed to you. Therefore, to maximize the amount of compensation that you recover, you’ll need to be prepared to push back against arguments that you’re partially to blame for the accident in question.

Stand up for the personal injury recovery you deserve

Recovering the compensation you deserve from your personal injury case is going to require diligence and aggressiveness. Going into your personal injury case, you’ll need to be ready to fight for what you deserve. That’s why now is the time to start developing your legal strategy and anticipating the defense’s arguments. Hopefully then you’ll position yourself for the recovery that you need to regain your health and reclaim your future.